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Week 1 of Hummingbiird is officially in the books! In a promise to keep up with these blogs weekly, we thought it would be fitting to recap the first week. Don’t worry, we won’t take up your whole day with these, just enough to keep you informed and (hopefully) entertained at the same time!

The goosebumps shot up my arm as Matt ran from his room at around 11:30pm Tuesday night. Mind you, we had pushed the app to the app store at around 11:00am that morning. When I tell you we sat there and refreshed the app store and our emails 3 times a minute that entire day; I mean that with zero exaggeration.  It was exhilarating to be honest. All that work and to finally see that blue Hummingbiird – College Services render in a search result? That was an unforgettable feeling.

Unfortunately, that is about as good as that day would get. We then go on to download the app only to find out there is a critical bug right there on the first screen. Our logo was mushed, stretched, this, that and the other across all versions of iPhones. Something we had checked thousands of times. Yup here we go again right? The VERY FIRST impression of our company to the public and our logo on the opening screen isn’t even portrayed right?! This may not seem like a big deal, but from our end we PROMISED the app would be available Wednesday (learning lesson right there, NEVER give a date even if you are 100% sure.)

Luckily, we were able to get it fixed and pushed the next day, sparing many of the views from day one. If you were one of those that saw the messed-up logo as soon as you downloaded, I hope you can at least get a kick out of our agony now! To be completely honest, this has been a lot harder than we thought. Though nothing we cannot handle, it was astonishing to see the number of bugs that popped up despite months of vigorous testing. I guess that’s why all our mentors keep mentioning we’re going to be reviewing bug fixes for the rest of our foreseeable future! Cheers to that.

Anyways, back to the review. We thankfully received some great feedback from the early adaptors to catch that bug mentioned and others, which gives us hope we can build a strong community around this platform. Right now, our main focus is to limit any bugs and ensure jobs are being completed without any hinderance or problems. Before expanding into more service offerings, we need to make sure the app is working properly and will be our focus these coming weeks. Based on the amount of people who reached out to us, despite our efforts to control the launch, we were able to clearly see how positive of an impact this is going to have on the community.

Overall, we are ecstatic with how the week went. We are happy to be in the app store alone and look forward to the real work and fun starting. With our eyes glued to the analytics and our reps throughout campus gaining feedback, we will continue to push onward with our mission of creating the perfect student to student service platform.


P.S. THANK YOU for all the feedback! Please continue to send any and all, we evaluate and appreciate it all, good or bad.


  • What animal is the hardest and fastest worker of the options?
  1. Lion
  2. Hummingbiird
  3. Tiger
  4. Bear

(Answer at bottom of this post)


  • Because of what happened, we understand how important feedback is, after all this is an app for college students made by college students, so we are adding a cool new feature where you can simply shake your phone to provide feedback.


  • As part of our effort to grow the community, we are going to start featuring a Hummingbiird Professional of the Week that displays and exhibits exactly what we look for in the community. We will spotlight their past work, skills, social media handles, and find a way to get to know them a little bit better.


Chandler Perrer @chandlerperrer
-Chandler is a photographer | videographer that specializes in portraits, commercials, concerts, clubs and creative ideas.

-See some of Chandler’s recent work on our Instagram @HummingbiirdApp

-Book Chandler today in the Photo | Video section of the app today!



-Make sense where the name came from now? 🙂