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Our phones have become more than just phones, they are now tools that make our lives easier every day using apps that keep us connected and productive. College students use different phone apps for scheduling, traveling and more. With hundreds of apps in the store it can be hard to weed out the ones that are the true gems. The Hummingbiird team dug deep and came up with this list of 10 apps every college student should have!


Waze app, best apps for college students

Waze is a gps app that provides updated information on different road hazards while you drive. Users of this app can report real time hazards like potholes, stopped vehicles or lane closures, this information is pushed out to other app users who may encounter the hazard while they’re driving to keep their rides safer! This is a great app for students who drive to campus every morning or who have a long commute home to visit their families during holidays. Waze also connects directly to your music app making it easier for you to switch songs while driving! This allows you to spend more time focusing on the road keeping you safer and making your ride easier!


Uber is a great ridesharing app to have as a college student. You never know when you may find yourself in need of a ride. Whether you walked to a far class just to realize it’s pouring rain when you get out or you lose track of your ride at an event or party, Uber is a great app that can get you from A to B when you need it.


App, App for college students

Hummingbiird is an app that allows college students to find different services through pre-vetted service suppliers in their area. Hummingbiird is great because it allows you to connect directly with other students to either provide or request a service! This allows students to receive or provide services in a safe and efficient way while supporting other local college students. Services like pet care, cleaning and resume help are just a few that can be found on Hummningbiird. If you are interested in becoming a professional you can apply here or you can download the app to search for services here!


textbooks, online textbooks, online textbook rental

Chegg is an app that provides students affordable way to rent or buy textbooks, homework help and solutions and online tutoring. Chegg is a great resource for students because it provides semester long online rentals of books that can be accessed both on mobile phone and on a laptop. This allows students to have their books on them anywhere they go giving them the ability to study on the go without having to lug around heavy textbooks! Students can also search textbook problems and find step by step solutions from experts! This is a great way to review practice problems or to double check homework to ensure a clear understanding of all course material.


Focus app, best apps for college students

Focus is an app for students and professionals that regularly have to focus on different tasks and projects for long periods of time. Focus utilizes the Pomodoro technique, this technique breaks down time into focus intervals, typically 25 minutes long with 5-minute breaks in between. This technique helps you focus longer because it allows you to give your mind the short rests it needs to keep you focused and energized. This app keeps track of your focus and break times and alerts you when it’s time to switch from focusing to a break!


 LinkedIn is a social media platform with the purpose of connecting professionals allowing them to grow and engage with their network. Many companies search LinkedIn for applicant profiles when making employment decisions! It is important to have a professional looking profile and to stay relatively active with professional discussions to make a good impression on future employers!


“Don’t forget to cite your sources” how many times have college students heard that? Most professors will require papers to have all sources cited in MLA or APA format. Citing sources can take a while, especially online sources where you may have to search through a website to find the information needed to cite each source. EasyBib is a great way to cite your sources quickly. The app automatically searches websites for the information needed in citations and generates them for you in the desired format. This app can definitely be a time saver for students!


Noonlight app, best apps for college students

This app is a lifesaver, literally. Noonlight is an app designed to keep users safe in unsure situations. The application has a touchscreen button, when users hold down and release the button their location is recorded, and police are sent to their exact location. If the button is accidently pressed users have 10 seconds to enter a pin canceling the alert. This app is great if you are ever walking home and feel unsafe or are in an Uber or other ridesharing service and are feeling uncomfortable. The button can be held down until you release your destination safely or tapped and released in the case of an emergency. This app can be connected to Uber and Lyft and sends your route information to Noonlight so the car model, destination and driver are recorded. This app can keep you safe and secure and is a necessity for every college student.


Budgeting is a hard skill to learn, it’s easy to lose track of spending with so many different fun activities going on with friends. Mint connects to your bank and credit card accounts and allows you to set budgets for different areas of spending. You can set a shopping, food, entertainment, and car budgets along with many others. The app will alert you when you’ve hit your budget for spending in each category that month and can also alert you when you


TED talks are inspiring videos from influential people all over the world, featuring talks from entrepreneurs, educators, scientists and creators just to name a few. TED talks are a great way to learn different soft skills that are highly valued by employers. It’s easy to lose motivation while in school with constant deadlines in both work and classes it can feel like the world is on your shoulders. TED talks are a great way to take a pause for yourself and reignite your energy and motivation.

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