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Every consumer has a need, just like every brand has a voice. Every idea starts with a problem, just like every problem is simplified by a solution. With each company comes a mission, and deep within every mission, comes change. From day one, the Hummingbiird team has strived to create an identity behind it that simplifies everyday services while creating a safe community within. A mission that links consumers to affordable student professionals in the area, working to spread their brands and more importantly, their voice.


The original idea of Hummingbiird came over a few years span while Co-Founders Matthew and Zachary were attending college. Matt, majoring in Finance and Sales, and Zach, majoring in Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Sales, quickly became interested and to an extent, addicted, to the business startup ideas they were putting together in their classes. When striving to take the next steps with a few of them, they came to quickly realize finding a way to get local services completed was nearly impossible. In attempt to move forward, the only options they had were local Facebook pages. They posted around and quickly found out that for something as simple as taking a promotional picture, workers would show up late, the quality of work was not consentient with their descriptions, and there was always a complete lack of transparency. The two then turned to online marketplaces but pricing was too high for college students on a budget. Seeing they were onto something, the young entrepreneurs took their idea straight to the Tallahassee community to see if the rest of the community had similar problems. As you may be able to tell by now, they sure did. And with that, the first ‘EUREKA’ moment had set in. Hummingbiird, the alternative way to connect the local college community, was underway.


We believe that finding someone to perform any sort of task whether complex or simple, should be done transparently through your phone in the easiest way possible. You should leave every interaction happy with your product or service.


We believe that college students should be able to promote their skills to the community and make money in their free time without the stress of juggling a job and being a student.


Ultimately, Hummingbiird is committed to be the first on demand platform exclusively for college students to other college students. Customers will now have access to on demand services, pay affordable rates securely through the application, and receive transparency throughout the process. Hummingbiird members can scroll through price rates of other college students in their area, see past work, past ratings, and availability all in one convenient place. The workers will have the opportunity to grow their own personal brand and generate an income while still being in school. Oh, and we should probably mention… workers keep the most money out of all the major on-demand platforms available.


We look forward to having you as a part of our community!

-The Hummingbiird Team


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Hummingbiird Holding Company 2017-2018.


Hummingbiird Holding Company 2017-2018.